Throughout most of my career, I have been involved in the creation and production of print and television advertising. My first job after college in 1971 was at Wilson Haight and Welch in Hartford, Connecticut – the largest advertising agency in New England. In just a few years it was gone and I learned an invaluable lesson about the advertising industry. You are only as good as your last ad.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work at several of the world’s most successful and cutting edge agencies. I spent four years at Hill Holliday in the US and in Europe and three years at DDB Needham in Honolulu. Between Hill Holliday and DDB Needham, I was a partner for ten years at Clarke Goward Fitts.


Clients Samples:
Boston Safe Deposit and Trust
Eastpak Print Advertising
Harvard Universit Press (China pundit ad)
Harvard Universit Press (bees books ad)
Harvard Universit Press (John and Abigail Adams letters ad)
Henley Luggage