All the time that I have been in business, I have continued to pursue my interest in fine arts photography.
Collecting photographs.
Curating exhibitions.
Shooting my own work.
My work has been exhibited in numerous group and solo shows in galleries throughout New England.

A Neighborhood Boxing Gym
For this series of photographs, I chose a neighborhood boxing gym called Boston Boxing & Fitness. It epitomizes a number of the qualities I think make Allston a unique place to live. It is a non-assuming, local gym where men, women, and young athletes of all abilities come to workout. It is definitely not a dating bar health club.

The first time I visited the gym, I watched an instructor coaching a young boxer. Knowing how hard a boxing workout is, I realize that this is a place that pushes young athletes beyond what they think they are capable of. Boston Boxing & Fitness is home to many local high school and college athletes who pour their hearts out on the field…but as they say on their website, “their sweat and tears belong to us!”