jim Fitts mixed media - Withdrawn

Mixed Media Artwork

Coffee Company, 2018
Mixed Media
11” x 11”

When I grew up there was no such thing as ADD. If you couldn’t concentrate you were put in special classes. Believe me, there was nothing special about them. Painting, photography, and later graphic design became my creative outlet. Graphic design gave me a voice and allowed me to enjoy a successful career as an advertising creative director. My tools were photographs, illustrations and the printed word. I was responsible for hundreds of television commercials, thousands of print ads and countless corporate design projects.
After 30 years of using my tools to sell products, I decided to bring them into my fine art work. Everything I find visually interesting, I rip apart and paste back together in (I hope) an unexpected way. My mixed media pieces, as the Eagles lyric states are made up of "everything, all the time."